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Bike Rentals in San Vicente Palawan


Alimanguan is a barangay, or local district, located in the municipality of San Vicente in Palawan, an archipelagic province of the Philippines. The name ‘Alimanguan’ is derived from the native term ‘alimango,’ meaning crabs, specifically a species of crustaceans that inhabit ‘katunggan’ or ‘bakawan’ – mangrove areas. This name was chosen in homage to the numerous crabs of this species that could often be seen crawling the streets of the area.

The first settlers in Alimanguan were from the Tagbanua tribe, an indigenous group in Palawan, composed of four families: the Rodriguez, Martinez, Talibod, and Francisco families. Interestingly, Alimanguan was not the original name of the area. It was initially called ‘Aduas’ and was a part of the municipality of Taytay.

Significant changes occurred in the early 20th century. The area was renamed Alimanguan in 1931 and became an official Barangay after World War II in 1945, separating it from its mother municipality, Taytay. Mison Gapilango served as the first Teniente del barrio (village chieftain), with his successors including Marciano Gabin in 1946, followed by Guillermo Estrada, Josefina Collado, and Floresto Abrina.

In 1972, a major administrative shift took place as San Vicente was established as a separate municipality within the province of Palawan. Barangay Alimanguan was subsequently ceded by Taytay to become part of San Vicente. Today, Alimanguan carries a unique heritage, its name reflecting its close ties to its natural environment and its history interwoven with the influences of its indigenous communities and changes in local governance.