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Properties for Sale in San Vicente Palawan


Alimanguan is a barangay (a Filipino term for a village, district, or ward) situated in the municipality of San Vicente in the province of Palawan, Philippines. Its name is derived from “alimango,” a native term which refers to a species of crab found in its local mangrove habitats, known locally as “katunggan” or “bakawan.” Old stories tell of a time when the area was so abundant with these crabs that they were even seen crawling in the streets.

The area’s initial settlers were four Tagbanua families: the Rodriguez, Martinez, Talibod, and Francisco families. The Tagbanua are an indigenous group in the Philippines, and they were the ones who named the barangay based on its famous crab population.

Originally, Alimanguan was known as “Aduas” and was part of the municipality of Taytay. It was in 1931 that the name was changed to Alimanguan, and it officially became a separate barangay following World War II in 1945. The first Teniente del barrio (equivalent to a village head or chief) was Mison Gapilango, succeeded by Marciano Gabin in 1946. Subsequent leaders included Guillermo Estrada, Josefina Collado, and Floresto Abrina.

In 1972, San Vicente became a separate municipality within the province of Palawan. At that time, Alimanguan was transferred from Taytay to become one of the barangays of San Vicente. This event marked a significant milestone in Alimanguan’s history, as it transitioned from being part of Taytay to being part of the newly established municipality of San Vicente.

The history of Alimanguan reflects the broader dynamics of the Philippines’ political and geographical evolution, and also the unique cultural and ecological features of this region. Its story is emblematic of the country’s ongoing processes of decentralization and localization, as well as its commitment to acknowledging and preserving local indigenous cultures. The barangay’s close connection with its local ecosystem is evident in its name and the stories of abundant crabs, underscoring the importance of environmental conservation in the area.