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Barangay New Agutaya, San Vicente, Palawan

Barangay New Agutaya, nestled in the beautiful municipality of San Vicente, Palawan, carries a rich cultural history and significance. The area was initially called “Nasalugan,” derived from the Cuyunon term “saleg,” meaning “floor.” Nasalugan wasn’t always a separate barangay—it originally existed as a sitio of Barangay Alimanguan, situated in the southernmost region of the Municipality of Taytay.

The first settlers of Nasalugan were Mr. Bartolome Adion, his family, and his brother-in-law, Mr. Jose Favillaran. Their pioneering presence sparked the initial human habitation in this place, which soon witnessed an influx of newcomers from the municipality of Old Agutaya. These new arrivals, known as Agutaynens, predominantly populated the area.

Driven by the growing community’s aspiration to establish their own barrio, a petition was forwarded to the Municipal Mayor of Taytay, Domingo Mercado. This petition, initiated by the Agutaynen community, sought the formal establishment of their barrio, a request that was duly granted. Consequently, Mr. Bartolome Adion, one of the original settlers, was appointed as the first Barangay Captain.

In a significant Barangay meeting, Melquiades Pablico suggested a new name for the area—New Agutaya. The proposal resonated with the community, majority of whom were Agutaynos, and it was unanimously accepted. Henceforth, the area previously known as Nasalugan became New Agutaya.

In an important historical development on June 21, 1969, the municipality of San Vicente was created. During this reorganization, New Agutaya, along with Barangays Binga and Alimanguan, were transferred from the jurisdiction of Taytay to San Vicente. From then until today, New Agutaya remains a vibrant and essential part of San Vicente, reflecting a unique blend of history, community, and tradition.